To tonify is to balance. To balance is to vitalize. To vitalize is to feel goooood!

[EnerQi Label]

100 capsules

Ingredients: Ginseng root, Rehmannia root, Astragalus root, Atractylodes rhizome, Angelica Dang Gui, Paeonia Pai Shao root, Cinnamon bark, Ligusticum rhizome, Poria cocos, Licorice root, Ginger Rhizome, Jujube fruit

EnerQi is formulated with well established herbs which are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. These herbs are often prescribed by TCM Doctors for general debility as a result of any chronic disease and surgery, menstrual disorders with excess bleeding in women, and impotence. Current medical research has shown that these herbs strengthen the body's immune system and helps prevent bacterial and viral infections in people undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy for cancer. Many of these ingredients have been used in China since the Tang Dynasty (907 AD) and today are widely used in China to energize the body, particularly for those who are active in sports and physical work.

EnerQi is a natural dietary supplement which can be taken safely with other Essence of Nature products. For best results, EnerQi should be taken on a regular basis with plenty of water, and the higher recommended dose is usually necessary during the first few days or weeks of use, until the body becomes balanced and desired results are obtained. It is recommended to discontinue use for one week after every three months of use.

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